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Renovation updates – Bristol

Our recently announced centre improvements are bringing you state-of-the-art training spaces, cleaner air and enhanced facilities. While there will be some temporary disruptions, the end result will be a bigger, better TCA for all our climbers!



The Church

Progress is moving swiftly at St Werburgh’s and we hope to have the newly developed training space with a 2024 MoonBoard and Digital Training Board ready for use by early July. We’ll announce the exact date as soon as we know.

A shot of the new training room with all the old boards removed. You can see the stained glass windows behind.



The Mothership

Brace yourselves for awesomeness: The Mothership’s major overhaul is shifting into high gear.

A mock-up of the new building within a building upstairs in The Mothership.


Upstairs closure

From 3-19 July there will be a total closure of the upstairs climbing area. The construction team will be clearing matting to work at height to install new air filters. They will also be working on lighting. So what does that mean for you? This will improve air quality and ventilation throughout, but for this short period, the upstairs climbing area, toilets and showers will be temporarily unavailable as we make improvements.

The Gym

From 3 July, we will be relocating much of the gym equipment downstairs. The cafe seating area will be reduced in size. We will be adding a partition wall behind which you will access fingerboards and free weights including bench press and a squat rack. We hope this will coincide closely with the opening of The Church’s new training room. Watch social channels for updates.

Post 19 July – restrictions

The most exciting part of our renovations is the addition of a new building within a building upstairs to create a chalk-free, insulated reception, cafe, shop and viewing gallery. From 19 July – 11 September the comp wall and cafe boulder (nearest the gym end) will be closed. But the good news is that the rest of the upstairs climbing and changing facilities including showers will remain open – with only occasional interruptions – while our construction team builds the impressive new mezzanine structure.

Key dates

  • 3-19 July – Upstairs closed (inc. showers)
  • 19 Jul-11 Sep – Upstairs open (except comp wall and cafe boulder)
  • 12-14 Sep – Upstairs closed for YCS comp
  • 15 Sep – Upstairs mostly reopened (details TBC) – work continues on the new build behind a partition.


Minimising Disruption

We’re committed to keeping your climbing experience as smooth as possible during these upgrades, which is why the quieter summer months provide a perfect opportunity to move developments forward.

  • Look out for updates via social media and email.
  • Try to climb off-peak when you can.
  • Check The Mothership home page for peak times.


Check-in and check-out

While certain areas are closed, we will be changing the capacity of the centre and ask that you start to check-in-and check-out so that staff can monitor the number of people in the building. Just like Covid-times, you know the drill.

  • Please clock in and out when visiting – from 3 July.
  • Our online capacity monitor will be reinstated at that time.
  • Google’s busy periods indicator provides a useful overview.


Looking ahead

Following on from the upstairs renovations, we are planning the development of a bigger gym and a complete refit of downstairs to modernise the climbing walls.  Your opinion counts and we will work with our community to help plan this space. More in due course!

Your patience during this renovation period is greatly appreciated. These improvements will result in a more modern, comfortable and versatile climbing centre for our entire community. Stay tuned for more updates and thank you for being part of our growing TCA family!