Winter Series, Rnd 1: Results

A huge thanks to everyone who made it down to the 1st round of our Winter Series. It was a fantastic turnout and certainly helped us kick the season off in style.

At the end of each round, you will be ranked out of all participants and given points related to this. These points will be tallied up during the league to give a balanced final placing at the end of the season.

We’ll be hosting the 2nd round on 13th December so make sure you save the date. More information on this can be found on our Facebook event.

Here are the results from the first round…

Female (U16)Melissa clements2381100
Dammy Raymond-Barker201299
Katie whitaker190398
Louisa Halsey186497
Amy Owen186497
Maisy almond Jenkins185695
Isabel Banks185695
Georgia Browne166893
Saskia Ruby Watson1451091
Heather McKen1431190
Matilda Eldridge1291289
Erin Sage871388
Aran martinez801487


Male (U16)Tom spencer2631100
Misha+school comp scores186299
Ollie jagroop177398
Tom Rickard173497
Max browne151596
Daniel Banks140695


Male Adult (16-39)Lewis Richardson3201100
Joe day312299
Dean Merchant311398
Reuben tinsdeall306497
Mohammad-Nassir Miah305596
Alex Norman-Rhodes298695
Tom Pagon291794
Ross Norman276893
Finlay Browne272992
Sam Edmans2711091
Thomas Fearon2651190
Zac Cook2641289
Sam Curran2641289
Zidong Zhao2631487
Joshua fuzzy Goulden2631487
Henry Ali2621685
Mark Urdaibay2601784
Cal holmes2581883
Daniel Azu2481982
Lee Townsend2472081
Gautier de Peyronnet2472081
Elliot Johnston2462279
Ollie Elns2452378
Loïc Estier2442477
Ben Lippold2442477
Jon Cook2292675
Jack Crozier2242774
Oscar Tucker2232873
Mark Deverell2222972
Tymoteusz Suszczyński2203071
Samuel Jackson2183170
Adam Meese2173269
Tom Crook2153368
Matthew Day2153368
Matthew Cole2133566
Jerome gill2113665
Simon Kirby2103764
Thomas Burns2053863
Dan Gilbert1913962
Paul Rochford1754160
Tom Holmes1734259
Chris danter1734259
Gordon Croft1724457
Anthony Lewis1704556
Dan Bradshaw1684655
Kay Mclauchlan1664754
Rob Beaumont1644853
Nick Haigh1604952
Tom Clothier1555051
Blake Lovejoy1555051
Christoph Parkin1455249
Andrew shaw1425348
Tom Whitfield1385447
Ian sweet1355546
Scott Hedley1345645
Kiaran Jay1345645
Daniel Hobson1115843


Female Adult (16-39)Roz2771100
Immy Hales245299
Emily Fell228398
Amie west207497
Natalie Oldfield202596
Nia Williams199695
Charlotte Warner196794
Ana Bristow194893
Dorka Fekete191992
Frann Barker1871091
Elinor Scruby1801190
Caitlin Organ1621289
Emily Brookes1581388
Emily Angwin1491487
Ophelia Jones1411685
Natasha Watson1381784
Agnes Canadell Barcons1361883
Jade Beaumont981982
Jen S872081


Male Veteran (40+)Duma Brickhill3001100
Mikey J282299
David Cowell228398
John Potokar202497
Roderick McLauchlan189596
Pete Gilbert174695
Mark Browne174695
Paul Turville162893
Jer Boon98992


Female Veteran (40+)Liz smith971100