Bristol’s Winter Series results update

February saw the penultimate round of our Winter Series Bouldering competition. Here are the final results for the third round.

Thanks again to all who came and to our amazing sponsors Ellis Brigham!

The results

Winner of the Head to Head – Cailean Harker – £50 cash prize
1st – Cailean Harker (275) – £30 Ellis Brigham Voucher
2nd – Finley Wood (274) – £20 Ellis Brigham Voucher
3rd – Frankie Tucker (270) – £10 Ellis Brigham Voucher
Winner of the Head to Head – Roz Frugtniet – £50 cash prize
1st – Roz Frugtniet (264) – £30 Ellis Brigham Voucher
2nd – Emmy Yatagai (197) – £20 Ellis Brigham Voucher
3rd – Emily Ridgers (187) – £10 Ellis Brigham Voucher
(Best of 3 scores)
1st – Finley Wood – (298/300)
2nd – Frankie Tucker (296/300)
3rd – Mohammad-Nassir Miah (279/300)
1st – Roz Frugtniet (300/300)
2nd – Emmy Yatagai (290/300)
3rd – Emily Ridgers (285/300)

Click this link if you are looking for the Corporate Competition results.


Get ready for ROUND 4!!

You have one more chance to take part in our Winter Series. If you have been to more than 1 you may want to track overall placings but our comps are open to anyone, so feel free to take part in Round 4 even if you have not been to any of the others!

Get this date in your diary – Thu 2 April 2020, 5-9pm


Series rankings

You can see the full series rankings in this results tracker.