Winter Series 2019-20 – bouldering competitions

We know that to some, competitions may seem intimidating, but if you have not done a TCA comp before, why not make autumn your first?

Competitions are not all about the placing – they are a great way to have a focused climbing session, to challenge yourself to climb something you may not previously have attempted and to get to know other climbers.

Our Winter Series is a 4-part competition which runs in both Bristol and Glasgow.  Each round has prizes for participants and points are accumulated towards a final, where an overall series winner will be announced. We have various categories for age and sex.

You are more than welcome to come along, take part and even decide on the day if you want to hand in your scorecard. No pressure!! The more the merrier.

If you have not yet witnessed a TCA comp final, that’s also worth hanging around for, although you’ll need to practice your supportive shouting, oo-ing and ah-ing.



Round 1   Thu 24 Oct 2019, 5-9pm
Round 2   Thu 12 Dec 2019, 5-9pm
Round 3   Thu 6 Feb 2020, 5-9pm
Round 4   Thu 2 Apr 2020, 5-9pm
All at The Mothership



Round 1   Thu 24 Oct, 5-9pm    The Prop Store
Round 2   Thu 28 Nov, 5-9pm    The Newsroom*
Round 3   Thu 23 Jan, 5-9pm     The Prop Store*
Final   Sat 29 Feb, 10am-5pm    The Newsroom*

This is the first year we have spread the Glasgow comp across 2 centres. We hope you enjoy the challenge of working on new walls and new angles.
*£1 entry fee. 100% of this is going to Urban Uprising.

Right, time to train. See you there!