Glasgow winter bouldering comp – new format

After the success of the Prop Store party, we’ll be bringing some party vibes to the first round of the Winter Comp. DJs Sam and Laurie will be keeping spirits high as you pit yourself against 30 great new problems.

Don’t worry if you have never entered a comp before, they are as fun or as serious as you want them to be. It’s all about the taking part, giving it a go, pushing yourself on some new angles and enjoying some banter with other climbers.

Thursday 24 October 2019


We have slightly tweaked the categories combining the boys and girls under 12 category. We’ve witnessed very little separation in this category, so wanted to make things interesting.

Don’t worry, we’re not joining our over 12 categories – but it is worth noting that with Margot Hayes having climbed 9a+ and only a handful of men climbing anything above 9b*, climbing is one of the few sports in the world where the difference between the highest achievements of the sexes is minimal.

*Ondra is of course in another category “super-human”.

So this year, with a minimum competing age of 8 years, here are the categories.

Junior: 12 and under (Mixed)
Youth: Under 16 (Male and Female)
Senior: 16 – 49 (Male and Female)
Veteran: 50+ (Male and Female)


30 problems to try between 5pm and 9pm. It’s up to you how long you commit to trying. If you want to arrive at 8.30pm and give it your best go, we will still accept this entry.

Scoring will work as follows:
Successfully PULLING ON: 1 point
Reaching the marked BONUS hold – in control: 5 points (irrelevant of number of attempts)
NB. Just touching the bonus does not get you 5 points. You must hold it, or move off it, in control.  
Reaching the TOP: 10 points (any number of attempts)
FLASH – i.e. you climb it the first time you pull on: Additional 1 point
(Maximum points 360)

This will be on your score sheet and staff will be on hand to advise if need be.


It’s always worth handing in your score sheet at TCA competitions as we offer spot raffle prizes for competitors. So even though you may have the lowest score of the day, you might walk away with some free goodies. This year we’ll have prizes from Ellis Brigham, Black Diamond, Scarpa and the TCA Shop.


You can find the dates of the next rounds here or in our events calendar.