Reopening Glasgow centres

TCA Glasgow will reopen both The Newsroom and The Prop Store on Mon 31 August. We will have new rules and new opening times.

So dust off your climbing shoes and try a few pull-ups or planks to get your body working again.


New ways of working

These will be updated in accordance with government guidelines – over time if required.

We are absolutely delighted to be able to welcome you back to climbing in Glasgow. TCA has taken huge precautions to ensure that our centres will be a safe space for climbers and staff. We have been working with virologists and the Association of British Climbing Walls to ensure the safest approach. If you haven’t done so already, please read our new safety protocols and familiarise yourself with the frequently asked questions. A few of the key things to note are:

  • Social distancing will be in effect throughout centres.
  • Personal hygiene will be key – regular hand washing and sanitising is crucial.
  • We ask you to buy online if possible to minimise interactions at reception. You can buy single visit punch cards or passes.
  • Arrive ready to climb – bring minimal gear into centres to avoid clutter and crowding in changing areas.
  • If you can, vary the time that you come to help spread demand from mid-week early evenings.
  • Face-coverings are not mandatory for climbing, but please wear them in other parts of the centre.

For more detail on this and more read our new safety protocols.


A positive future

The coronavirus shutdown has been hugely challenging for every business. Our Directors have been working hard to make TCA’s money go as far as possible, to ensure the longevity of our business and security of jobs for our amazing staff. Reopening and unfurloughing staff will be a critical time for many businesses and as such, we need to be prudent. Therefore, when we reopen our doors, initially we will not be running our usual groups and classes. We will recommence them as soon as we are happy this can be done safely. The roped area of The Prop Store will also be closed initially.

We will be operating a reduced capacity (manged through check-in and check-out) so we ask that only climbers attend. Anyone in the building not climbing is taking a space for a potential climber, so we ask for your help in this, to minimise the number of people just hanging out. This will hopefully be adjusted in the coming months because ordinarily, we love it when you come to hang out with us!

As we take small steps to get re-established, we will operate slightly adjusted opening times:

The Newsroom – opening times

Mon-Fri 7am-10pm
Sat-Sun 9am-6pm

The Prop Store – opening times

Mon-Fri 12pm-10pm
Sat-Sun 9am-6pm

This post was published on 24/08/20. To check the very latest opening times, “quick info” on the locations page.


Part of our community

TCA is a community and as such, we need you to play your part in keeping our centres clean and free from COVID-19. Please sanitise or thoroughly wash your hands before during and after your climb. There are many sanitising stations throughout the centre. Wear a face-covering in enclosed areas such as the shop, corridors, queues etc and elsewhere if you are comfortable with that. We will update this if the government’s advice changes.


Unfreezing memberships

If your membership has frozen during lockdown it will be automatically restarted on your first visit back. If you know when you will make your first visit (approximately) we would like to encourage members to request your unfreeze in advance via My TCA. This will mean that we can process the reactivation remotely without the need for any interaction at the front desk. Requesting to be unfrozen in advance will save you having to speak to staff on your first visit and will minimise queuing time for all. If you are unsure, then just alert staff on your first visit back. Corporate membership rates will be frozen at their March 2020 price for the time being.

For more on memberships check out Everything you need to know about memberships and reopening.


A personal welcome back from TCA’s CEO, Rich


See you soon

This will be brand new for everyone involved, but just as we got used to new norms in other spaces, we know it’ll be possible to adjust to social distancing in TCA. Just remember, no hugs (with people from other households) – even though we know you’ll be psyched to see familiar faces.

Let’s go climbing!


When we reopen, we know it might be a strange mixture of amazing and really weird. Hopefully, the joy of being able to climb again will overcome any strange feelings. We'd love you to share your return to climbing on social using #IheartTCA or tag us.