New pricing for 2021

We have simplified our pricing for 2021, from 30 different prices to just 10.

Simpler for customers and staff

We have made pricing simpler for customers and staff, and to create a fair price for all climbers.

Peak Off-Peak Month Punchcard (5 visits)  New member deal
ADULT (over 16s) £11 £9 £36 £44 £30
UNDER 16s £7 £6 £20 £28 £15

Over 70s are still free


Cheaper adult month passes

The price of an adult month pass is going from £49 to just £36 per month, saving you £13 per month.
Multi-month passes are now just a multiple of the price per month. Buy passes.

No registration Fee

We used to charge a one-off joining fee of £10 for lifetime membership. This will no longer be levied.

No concessions but cheaper climbing

While we have removed all concession prices (apart from under 16s), there are still cheaper ways to climb:

  • Our new peak and off-peak prices remain cheaper than, or equivalent to, the current non-member pay-as-you-go price.
  • Punchcards offer cheaper per visit climbing than the current concession per visit price.
  • A 1-month concession pass is currently £39. Buying a new adult pass will be £3 cheaper at £36.
  • TCA will continue to work closely with charities and other groups to offer accessible climbing. Email Glasgow or Bristol to enquire.

1 price For under 16s

All under 16 entry prices will include 1 non-climbing supervisor if required.
Climbing supervisors will still be required to pay to climb.
There is 1 flat monthly pass rate for under 16s of £20 per month.
Special prices:
The squad will get a special pass price.
Access to the bookable kids area at the Newsroom remains at £6.

New Member Deal

The price of the new member deal will rise from £25 to £30. With a simple £15 for under 16s. New member deals are one-offs that are only available to those who have never previously had a pass.


Sadly, for now, we are having to stop free guest passes for pass-holders, although we will run bring-a-friend offers periodically. The good news is that pass-holders still get:

– 10% discount on cafe purchases
– 10% discount on the TCA price in our shop
– 10% discount in our online shop with the code TCASHOP10
– Up to 50% discount on selected TCA courses

TCA’s pass T&Cs have been updated in parallel with this change.

Punch Cards

Punch cards, which can be bought in multiples of 5, offer a compromise for those wanting cheaper climbing who are unable to commit to a fixed monthly cost. They have no expiry date.

No corporate membership

While these prices make us one of the best-priced walls in the country, we do recognise that some customers will see a price rise. With the growth of the corporate membership scheme in tandem with coronavirus restrictions on opening and capacity, we can no longer afford to offer this tiered discount scheme. Bronze members will see a decrease in monthly price while other tiers will increase. Those seeing a price rise will get an extra month at our lower price (see below).


Our new prices will come into effect on 1 January 2021.

  • All monthly billed (EFT) customers experiencing a drop in price will receive this benefit from their next billing date (12 Jan)
  • All monthly billed (EFT) customers experiencing a price rise will have an extra month at current prices. Their monthly bill will change on 12 February 2021.
  • If you would like to cancel your pass or request another change or a freeze, please do so via My TCA.

Covid supporters

As a thank you for your support, we are working to credit time back for people who continued to support TCA during the big lockdown in 2020. We will be in touch at the start of the year to confirm this.