International Women’s Day

At TCA, we’re extremely proud to be a part of the booming community of female climbers. It’s incredible to see the positive changes in wider climbing culture, as well as how spaces are transforming to make the sport more accessible to everyone.
So to celebrate International Women’s Day this year, and help grow this community, we’re offering 50% off entry to all our climbing centres for all female pay-as-you-go climbers when they bring a female friend (who hasn’t visited us before) tomorrow (Friday 8th March), who will also receive 50% off (plus free day registration).
And if you’re a monthly pass holder, bring along a female friend and they’ll get free entry (with no registration fee – they’ll only have to pay for any equipment they hire). We hope this acts as a way to continue to build the female climbing community and inspire new people to give climbing a try.
If you’re based in Bristol, you can also get 50% off a roped-climbing taster course at The Church, to help you take your climbing to a new level and meet a whole different group of climbers! All you have to do is enter ‘women50’ at the checkout to claim – book here.