Festive opening times 2019

Are you coming for a Christmas climb? If you are jealous of all those people who usually get to go climbing during the day, why not make the most of annual leave by popping in for an extra climb.


In Bristol, our two centres have very slightly different opening hours, with The Church generally opening half an hour later than the early birds over at The Mothership. We have 2 Winter Warmer lattes this year to keep you cosy. You can try a Turmeric Latte or a Pumpkin Spiced Latte – they’re both super tasty.


In Glasgow, both centres are operating the same hours over Christmas. As well as new cafe stock to keep you well-fed, we have new heaters at The Prop Store so you can warm your hands mid-session!

Click to view a larger version of each calendar on Instagram.

Have a great holiday!

If you are heading home to another town or city, why not take your shoes and visit another climbing centre. It’s a great chance for a bit of wall tourism and helps to stave off the lack-of-climbing-blues. You can join a growing community of climbers across the UK who share their indoor climbing adventures using #WeClimbUK. You might even get featured in WeClimbUK feed. You can do this at TCA centres too!