Corporate Membership launched in Glasgow

We have just launched the TCA Corporate Membership scheme in Glasgow, having successfully piloted it in Bristol.

For so many people, work ends up having you hunched over a keyboard for extended hours every week. A regular climb will help you to not only zone out any work stress, but it will get you using every part of your body, getting fitter, stronger and more flexible – without it feeling like a chore!

You really do not think about anything else when you are reaching for that next hold.

So if you are a regular climber, if you have colleagues who are also into it and if you know others who may benefit from giving it a go – Corporate Membership is worth considering.

Tiered discounts

We have 4 tiered membership levels that provide between 25 and 55% discount on our standard monthly prices. The minimum number of members per company to secure the discount is just 8. For those in bigger companies, once you pass the 50+ member point, your monthly fee will drop to just £22.50 per month. So it’s worth letting your HR people know about.

Your TCA membership allows access to every TCA centre, so if your company has a presence in Bristol or if you find yourself travelling there a lot for work, you could check out our bouldering centre The Mothership (which has an expansion opening very soon) and our roped climbing centre The Church. They will feel very much like home.

Talk to us

You can find out more about it on our Corporate Membership page for Glasgow (including additional member benefits) or email us to discuss joining.