A Climber’s Advent Calendar

This year, we’re teaming up with Vertical Life to give all Vertical Life app users the chance to win some fantastic prizes every day from now until 24th.

Each day, a new festive ‘gift’ will appear on the Vertical Life app – tap on this to open it, and you’ll receive one of many prizes we have up for grabs (including 2 x 1 month memberships, 5 x day entries, 1 x chalk bag, 2 x finger tape, 1 x chalk brush, 5 x coffee / tea and cake deal, 5 x chalk balls, and 20% off our online shop) and some great in-app rewards from the Vertical Life team every single day!

There’s a random prize behind every parcel so make sure you check back everyday to win a bundle of climbing gear and good stuff.

Haven’t got the app? Download it here.