Pass-holder discounts – Bristol

White Angles

All TCA members with a monthly or pre-paid pass (1 month or more) can access discounts and special benefits in our centres:

Pass-holder benefits – Bristol

All pass-holders in Bristol receive the following benefits:

– 10% discount on cafe purchases
– 10% discount on the TCA price in our shop
– 2 FREE visits a month for your friends*
– Up to 50% discount on selected TCA courses

Exemptions and terms & conditions may apply. 

* Guest passes valid only for new customers or those whom have not visited TCA within 1 year.


Current course discounts

10% off Lead Climbing Courses at The Church
50% off Adult Beginners Courses at The Church



Choose your preferred centre and buy pre-paid passes, multi-visit punch cards and monthly billed passes online. Passes of one month or more are eligible for the benefits listed above.

The Mothership
The Church

NB. Off-peak and multi-month passes are currently only available at reception.