Lattice Assessments

White Angles

You can now book a Lattice Assessment at The Prop Store.

If you are serious about wanting to improve your climbing, you first need to know what areas you need to focus on. The Lattice Assessment will show where your strengths and weaknesses lay and what to best target to make gains going forward.

The Lattice Board is the original performance analysis method invented and developed by Tom Randall. The Assessment uses a long-established testing methodology to measure the key aspects of your physical climbing performance.

An assessment lasts around 2 hours. During the session, you’ll be observed climbing and then asked to do a series of exercises. The session will be run by one of our trained assessors.

The session will measure:
• Maximal grip strength
• Aerobic capacity
• Anaerobic function
• Aerobic power
• Movement economy and climbing pace
• Climbing specific muscle function

Assessments are available to those comfortably redpointing F6c or bouldering on the first 2-3 circuits at TCA.
The cost of each assessment is £120.

Shortly after your assessment you will receive a full report. You’ll have a chance to discuss the results with your assessor. For those following training plans, we recommend a re-assessment every 6 months to help keep you on track.


Click below to book online with Stu or Michael, if you have a preference, or click either to simply find the most suitable time. If the times do not suit you, bookings are also available on request, just email Glasgow bookings and we’ll find a date and time that suits you best.