Yoga for climbers

White Angles

Starting in Aug-Sep 2019, Anna Beata Yoga will be running mixed level vinyasa yoga classes geared specifically towards climbers. Yoga is a brilliant complement to climbing, as it focuses on strength, flexibility and mindfulness as well as promoting good joint, bone and muscle health – all things that climbers need to stay healthy, strong and to keep climbing. Find Anna on Facebook

Vinyasa is a creative, flowing, fun style of yoga that focuses on synchronising breath and movement. Read Movement Medicine – Anna explores the ways in which climbers can benefit from yoga.



Anna will be running “Yoga for climbers” in the function room at the Newsroom on Thursdays throughout the autumn. SCROLL DOWN TO BOOK


Anna will be running FREE 5 minute drop-in one-on-one yoga this autumn. Keep an eye out for her in the stretching area or around the function room. Choose an area of focus from the yoga menu and spend five minutes being guided through a targeted session with Anna. Choose from 5 minutes of meditation, breathing techniques, shoulder & arm stretches, hand or foot stretch & massage, movement flow, legs and hips stretching, balance & alignment.


A bit about Anna

Like many, I started practising yoga to complement other physical activities and I have dipped in and out of yoga practice since I was a teenager. However the ball really dropped when I first encountered strong Vinyasa flow classes and I was hooked by the journey, physically and mentally, those classes would take me on. 

Yoga became a fundamental and integral part of my life and has remained so - there’s no area of my life or self that yoga hasn’t shed some light on and as a life-long student it’s a path I continue to follow with delight and excitement, a privilege to be able to delve deeper into the practice and myself. My teachers include: Laura Rice (Studio 70), Jenny Clark, Alice Grey (the Kali Collective) and the brilliant Mudra Yoga – Helen Gillespie and Demelza Feltham with whom I did my 200-hour YTT.


I’m also work in the arts as a programmer, producer and organiser – supporting artists to develop their practice and new ideas and in my spare time like to put on gigs, events and parties in various DIY and community contexts in Glasgow. I love to weave various parts of yoga practice into my approaches to all of this.


I teach vinyasa flow with an emphasis on curiosity, fun and encouraging a deeper connection to self through mindfulness and meditation.

Anna’s mission statement

I have experienced some of the most profound shifts and revelations of my life on the mat and my goal as a teacher is to hold that same space for transformation, power and joy for folks that attend my classes.

I believe that yoga is a holistic technology for landing us deeply in the core of ourselves - allowing us to access the strength of our body-wisdom, to find spaciousness and freedom through breath, and to encounter and dismantle the boundaries we might have set up for ourselves – be those physical, mental or emotional. 

I think there’s nothing more beautiful than finding communion in a roomful of people moving their bodies with purpose and integrity, uniting their breath and being together as they push at their edges - physically, energetically, mentally -and have fun in the process.