Sports Massage Therapist

White Angles

Sarah Latham

Sarah is an experienced and enthusiastic Sports Massage Therapist. She has put her body and mind through the stresses of being a national gymnast, studying for a biochemistry degree, rock climbing, skiing and flying trapeze. The aches and pains from these activities were relieved by sports massage.

1 hour sports massage treatments can be tailored to your needs and are available all day every Wednesday and alternate Mondays and Fridays after 4pm.  Daytime and weekend appointments are available on request.

SPECIAL OFFER: TCA Monthly Paying/Prepaid members get 10% off their first massage

Price: £40
Phone: 07732 775759


Client feedback

"My internet diagnosis was way off and I was so glad I decided to go this route rather than rest and painkillers, which wouldn't have helped the problem which was all linked to my back, not my elbow! Within a day and a half it was much better than it was BEFORE the injury, the relief I hadn't ruined my arms was worth the cost alone. All this in just 2 visits. Sarah had mentioned that I would notice a small increase in reach, which I thought seemed a bit mad but the next session everything seemed much easier. She also gave me some good exercises for warming up my hands and some pointers towards climbing more effectively. I'm very happy with the outcome and recommended her to all." Ryan
"I am a Triathlete competing at GB age group team level in international competitions. Training 6 days a week with a mix of all 3 sports and fitting it in amongst a full-time desk job I constantly find I have tightness across my shoulders and back, so I go to Sarah for a regular 2-week session for maintenance treatment and prior/post races to relax those muscle groups. I do and would recommend Sarah to friends; based at TCA she is in a great location to get to near the centre of the city. Jazmin"
“I usually row for 2 to 4 hours per week plus general biking and some Nordic Walking! After a holiday which involved a lot of sitting on planes, coaches etc I developed a really nagging pain in my upper back which was affecting my sleep and making life difficult.

I had two weekly sessions with Sarah (who I have to say gives a really amazing massage) and the pain rapidly subsided and has not recurred! I would definitely recommend a massage with Sarah for muscular pain problems etc” Alison 
"I have been seeing Sarah for 2+ years for massage re a long term shoulder problem, as an effective means of injury management. 
I have found through regular visits, that I benefit from the immediate sensory improvements, reduced aches and pains and increased joint mobility, as well as cumulative improvements so long as I don't continue to train at too hard a level. Sarah has also been more than happy to discuss and help remedy many short term niggles I have had over the years on an as and when basis. Sarah is a warm and sociable person to see, whom I have always felt comfortable in the presence of.  Tom"

"I have been Sarah's client for several years. Currently, I get fortnightly massage treatments to relieve pains caused by office work and sedentary lifestyle: neck, shoulders and backaches, RSI. These treatments help me to maintain flexibility of my muscles, reduce pain and strengthen my overall health. Recently I was diagnosed with frozen shoulder and massage gradually helps to improve the range of my arm movements. I definitely recommend Sarah's massages to my friends, family members and anyone who is interested in getting massage treatments." Svetlana