The Climbing Academy


Bouldering is low level climbing above crash mats. You get all the fun of climbing but without the hassle of equipment. This makes it easier and cheaper to get into. The climbs (called ‘problems’) require skill and movement to get up them. You’ll quickly develop this once you start.

Getting started is easy. Just turn up and our friendly staff will take you through the safety procedures and you can get started.

Who is bouldering for?

Bouldering is for everyone, young and old, male and female, and can include those of all physical and mental abilities. Just think about kids climbing trees, it’s as natural and simple as that.

The great thing about bouldering is that you get absorbed in it. You get stronger, more physically aware, more creative and it’s a great social environment to be in with your friends.

The Benefits of Bouldering

Bouldering brings many benefits to those who partake in it. These are both seen (physical conditioning) and unseen (positive mental health) through enjoying the process of bouldering and the camaraderie and interaction with others.

It is one of the few activities that truly crosses all barriers and wholeheartedly engages those within its fold.

How to get started

If you are new to bouldering it’s easy to get started. Just come in and watch our 8 minute long safety video, sign up and you’re climbing. If there is a group of you and you want an induction programme, then email us and we’ll set it up.

Alternatively, you can be brought to the centre as a guest by experienced friends, who can look after you until such time as you are competent to become a registered member yourself. Kids can start through our dedicated sessions.

Contact either of our walls for more information