UCR is now on MoveGB

By The Climbing Academy

Here's everything you need to know.

It’s been two years now since TCA and UCR joined forces to bring you the best value climbing experience in Bristol. Over this period we’ve been investing money and time into updating and improving the UCR you know and love and to increase visitor numbers. The changes we’ve made have seen these numbers grow slowly but we realise we have the capacity to bring more climbers in more regularly.

Now that we have had time to get a true feel for what UCR can give to its members we want to continue to increase visitor numbers. We’re aware of quite a few climbers who choose to use MoveGB to pay for their climbing and we’d love to see more of them in UCR. So, after much contemplation and feedback from the climbers of Bristol, we’ve decided to make UCR available to our climbers who are signed up with MoveGB.

At this stage we won’t, however, be making TCA available on MoveGB. Our visit numbers at TCA regularly approach capacity; I’m sure that if you’ve been in on a busy night or weekend you’ll have felt how busy it is. With our bouldering centre being very accessible for beginners, we realise that we’d get a lot of interest from existing non-climbing MoveGB customers trying it out (as before when TCA used to be a part of MoveGB) and we realise that this would become detrimental and frustrating for our existing members.

Moving forward, we want to be clear of what that means for you, whether you are on our joint membership, MoveGB or are a PAYG customer. Our joint membership with TCA will still be the best value for climbing, getting two quality climbing centres for £420 pyr/£44 pm. Those on MoveGB will have varying payment options dependant on their price plans, If you’re on the £18.99 per week plan (£82.29 per month) then you can climb at UCR with no supplement. However you will have to pay a £3, £2 or £1 supplement each visit if you’re on the £36.79pm (£8.49pw), £45.46pm (£10.49pw) and £60.63pm (£13.99pw) respectively.

We hope that this change won’t negatively affect any of our existing customers. We hope you understand the decisions we’ve made above and we’ll keep it under review. If it causes any issues we’ll take those into account. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the change please contact enquiries@undercover-rock.com