Roz at The British Bouldering Championships

By Roz (TCA Staffer & B.C.T Coach)

Before heading off on her road-trip around Europe, TCA staffer and Black Diamond Hero Roz had unfinished business to see to - The British Bouldering Championships.

Before my mad road trip around Europe started I had one more stop in the UK… Sheffield, for the British Bouldering Championships (BBC’s). I wasn’t too sure if I would be able to compete due to my finger, but it had been feeling alright for about a week so decided to head up to compete against Britain’s finest. The BBCs are always a good laugh – seeing old friends, trying to warm up on the world’s smallest board (hard to get space with all those bulging biceps and egos), and visiting the churro stand. Qualifiers were on Saturday; fortunately it was 35 degrees so primo-conditions for trying hard! I was a bit nervous on the first bloc, shaking and sketchy my way up this volume madness, but thankfully managed to relax for the rest of the comp. 3 blocs later, 2 more tops and an awkward interview with Gaz Paz (who am I kidding, we’re both natural in front of the camera) and I heard I was through to semis – Mega! I retreated to my friends uni halls and chatted to her housemates about how I “just loooove WKD”, “don’t you just love going on a night out to Rev’s” and “yeah, I can’t believe you’ve been out THREE times this week already. Hero.” Then I put on the football and tennis on to drown out the chants of ‘lad,’ ‘chug’ and ‘down it’.

Look Mum, I’m on the TV! Little interview with Gaz Parry, don’t you think he’s wearing a nice shirt?!

The semis came around; I was out 8th, which is good 👍 not too early, not too late. The first boulder was fairly easy, and it was nice to get a flash under my belt. The next problem was a horrible volume, sloper problem… All the things I hate – more than those girls hated Revs. This one didn’t go so well. Problem three was a little jump around the arete. I’m also not a fan of jumps, so didn’t do this either. Finally problem four: bit crimpy, bit awkward… More my thing, and I flashed it (somehow). I was pretty happy with this result as I knew I wasn’t anywhere near my strongest, and my weaknesses (jumps and slopers) were still very much my weakness as I hadn’t trained them at all since injury. I watched the rest of the qualifiers and soon enough it dawned on me that two flashes would be enough to see me through to finals! What?? Travesty to British Bouldering. I quickly grabbed a pizza (power food), and tried to regrow some skin I’d basically gone through two tips already… It didn’t grow very much.

WOW! BBC's was so much fun! Very unexpected to make finals as I didn't feel on top form, but a bit of luck in semi's saw me through, finishing overall in 5th! . The final had great blocs, atmosphere… And commentating from @niallgrimes. Only wish I had a bit more skin! Hopefully it'll grow back quick in time for the Lead World Cup in Chamonix next week! . If you missed it, catch up on the @bbcsport website, there's even a cheeky interview of @gazparry and I . Well done @hannahslaney @jenwood435 @natalie.a.berry, you super strong ladies! Snap from @teambmc . Thanks again to @risephysiotherapy for helping me through my finger injury the past few months and to… @climbingacademy @beta_climbing @dewerstone . #bbcs2018 #climbing #climbing_is_my_passion #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #bouldering #bouldering_pictures_of_instagram #thisgirlcan #stronger #girlswhoclimb #sheffield #outdoorcity #bbcsport

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Finals… This was pretty cool, I was just psyched to be in it! Having absolutely no expectations before the comp due to injury and no expectations before the final, I was ready to enjoy myself and have fun! Rather than me talk through the blocs you can just watch it on the BBC as the whole competition was streamed live – which is pretty cool. My skin was pretty trashed and by the end I had four taped tips, one more on each problem- probably due to crimping all those slopers and repetitively aimlessly throwing myself at that jump, but I had a blast! I got to compete against my good friends and watch the strong youth absolutely crush 💪. Before the BBCs I was a bit apprehensive about my form, and though I know it wasn’t the strongest field and I got into the final with a lot of luck, it gave me confidence for my upcoming Lead World Cup season. First stop is Chamonix! I just hope those tips will heal in time…

Note to self – get better at jumping, you’ll scrape your leg less. And get better skin!