Part-Time Duty Manager Wanted!

By The Climbing Academy

Want to join the TCA and UCR team? Become a Part-Time Duty Manager!

Job Description

We are looking to add a part-time Duty Manager to join our team. We will have ~16hours contracted work a week + option for additional counter, DM cover and instructing. Hours will include evenings and weekends. You will be required to work over both our Bristol based climbing centres (Undercover Rock and The Climbing Academy).

Pay per hour​: £10.39
Start date:​ April
Deadline for Application: ​Close of business on Wednesday 28th February


As a Duty Manager you will uphold all the counter staff responsibilities but in addition be responsible for the staff whilst on shift and promote an engaging and proactive workplace. Duty Managers are responsible for opening and closing the centre and ensuring a safe and efficient operation during opening hours. This will include keeping the centre clean and tidy, upholding all TCA/UCR health and safety policies, floor walking, cashing up, managing reception staff along with promoting a good atmosphere throughout the centre in order to satisfy all our customers. At times you will may be expected to provide instruction to groups using the centre.

Job Specific Roles

  • Ensure smooth running of front of house operations by aiding and assisting counter
    staff and allocating work.
  • Conduct regular floor-walking tours to ensure customers comply with conditions of
    use and are safely using the climbing facility. Deal with spinning holds, first aid and
    other incidents as they happen.
  •  Assist the Operations Manager in ensuring counter staff and other staff are
    undertaking their roles satisfactory and are trained to do so.
  • Open and close the building in a safe a secure manner
  • Manage and maintain tills and Rock Gym Pro (till system)
  • To attend 6 weekly Duty Manager Meetings
  • To instruct on groups when required or emergency cover

Relevant Duty Manager Specification

**We may consider applicants that have undergone site specific instructor training at another climbing centre.

Application Role specific Questions

If you’re interested in applying for this job, please send your CV and a cover letter of <500 words or more telling us why you think you would you be a good fit for the Duty Manager Position.

Applications sent directly to