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Summer Comp Full Results

Here are the full Summer Comp results in pdf format. Massive thanks to Ellis Brigham, Scarpa and the lovely people at Beta Climbing Designs. We're not sure where the usual younger and older females were hiding, but hopefully they'll reappear in time for the Winter Series!

In the heat of the moment we failed to notice that Ollie Laz should have been credited with joint 3rd place, appologies Ollie and we'll sort you out with something nice for a great result.

Click here for the full results.


Massive Rockfall in Portland

There's been a massive rockfall in Portland - TCA routesetter John Alcock reports:

Elise and I were climbing on the Road Rage area of Cheyne Weares this afternoon, when at around 1500 there was a sound like a major quarry explosion and a huge rockfall came from the Coralized area nearby. It was so big that rocks bounced into the sea.

When the dust had settled, I went to edge of the debris to see if anyone had been caught. I discovered that what I estimate to be several hundred tonnes of rock had fallen from the cliff just left of Drowning on Dry Land, the scene of a smaller collapse a few years ago. Where the photo on page 211 of the recent Rockfax shows a smooth wall, there is now a horizontal roof running across the cliff at the obvious break at two thirds height and Drowning on Dry Land is now bounded on its left by a big corner. The debris extends from the cliff all the way to the sea. Some very unstable looking pillars remain below the roof.

I couldn't see or hear any sign of anyone, though I don't check thoroughly as I felt the area was still pretty dangerous, but by talking to the coastguard (who came along to check) and climbers who'd been on Neddyfields Main, I am almost certain that no one was caught. We and another couple who went for a swim seem to have been the only people to have walked under the cliff today. If it had happened at the same time last Sunday there would probably have been several fatalities as a number of climbers were belaying or sitting in the line of the fall.

The boulder field under the cliff is still passable (we came out that way) though unstable and dirty. Personally I would move quickly through the area. given there is still unstable rock above. Rocket from the Crypt looks largely unaffected though there may be debris on the lower ledges. I am not certain as I didn't go close, but I think Drowning on Dry Land probably now starts up tottering pillars and its lower ledges are covered in debris. It may not now be justifiable. 

It was interesting that such a huge fall occurred at such an apparently random time: i.e. not during or after heavy rainfall or when it was extremely hot or cold.


Blokfest Returns To TCA Bristol

We're delighted to tell you that after making a northery excursion last season, the Blokfest roadshow will be returning to TCA Bristol on Saturday January 17th.

The brainchild of Multi-time British Champion Gaz Parry and The Castle head setter Mike Langley, Blokfest is one of the best comps in the UK calender.

Here's what they've got to say:

Hi all,

Its official we are back for another season. We have been overwhelmed by the support and psyche of everyone out there and we cannot wait for another season to kick off. This year we have arranged a 5 event festival series at 5 awesome venues. This year alongside Westway, Castle, TCA Bristol and Mile End we are excited to start what will no doubt become a great relationship with Boulder Brighton. Boulder Brighton is an excellent bouldering only centre in the South with a great atmosphere, awesome staff and brilliant walls so be sure to book your travel down to this event. 

Mile End and TCA Bristol are also making changes in time for Blokfest to there facilities both creating new mega comp walls that Blokfest will for sure be making the most of. The Westway was a brilliant event last year and we are so psyched that we can open the season with them. As for the Castle - well its flipping massive - say no more!   

So guys these are your dates, get planning and get psyched as we guarantee the 2014-15 season will be bigger and event better. 

Saturday 25th October Westway 
Saturday 15th November Boulder Brighton 
Saturday 13th December Castle
Saturday 17th January TCA Bristol
Sunday 1st March Mile End 

Further updates and registration information will be making its way up on the website over the next few months so keep an eye out for those. 

See everyone soon and get that training in!

Team Blokfest.


Scarpa Shoe Raffle For The Local Fixed gear Fund

We have 2 pairs of Scarpa climbing shoes of your choice to give away!!! You just need to buy a raffle ticket for only £1 next time you come to the centre! The money will go to Avon and Cheddar Fixed Gear Fund!

Help to replace those rusty pegs and bolts! You have until Sunday 31st to get your winning ticket...


Summer Comp Images

A couple great photos of the comp from Dan Stephenson. Climbing heroes are Frances Bensley, Johnny Kydd and James Squire.