“The Climbing Academy undoubtedly sets new standards in dedicated bouldering facilities in the UK.”
Neil Gresham


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More Great Outdoor Advice

1) Seek out a mentor who has their climbing skills and minimum impact behaviors dialed. Sometimes we pay for mentorship through coaches or guides, other times they happen naturally through creating relationships with other climbers at the gym, gear shops or through climbing friends.

2) Get the low down of the places you want to climb outside so you can keep a low profile when you climb there. What are the sensitive issues of the area? Are there closures? Where do I go to the bathroom, park and camp? Is this an appropriate place to bring my dog or should I leave her at home?

3) Be mindful. It’s a buzzword, I know, but many of us roll through our routines and just don’t think about how our behaviors might have a negative impact. We are on automatic. Practicing minimum impact behaviors takes time and effort. If each of us committed to being more aware of how we impact climbing areas and consider ways to minimize our footprint at the crag or boulders, it would go a long way to embedding these behaviors into the culture of climbing. 

4) Respect other users. I feel like the word “respect” sometimes gets a bad rap, but often it is the foundation of positive relationships and community. Basically, be kind to others and assume positive intent. Treat other users as you would want to be treated. The golden rule works … practice it. 

5) Be an upstander, not a bystander—Steer others toward minimum impact behaviors at the crag. Don’t be afraid to speak up when you see someone doing something that threatens access. They might not know that their behavior impacts the climbing area they’re enjoying. 


Outdoors Isn't Like Indoors!

This great little flyer came with our copy of The Circuit Magazine and is a nice reminder that climbing outdoors needs a little more consideration than climbing indoors.


Bristol & SW Student Bouldering Championships

Open to all university students, the Bristol and SW Bouldering Championships are being held at TCA on Saturday 29th November at 7pm.

A 2 hour 20 problem qualifying round will be followed by a showcase final. There will be a cash prize for the winners plus great prizes from sponsors Ellis Brigham and DMM. All entrants will be entered into a futher prize raffle.

All UK Uni based students are welcome to enter - it will be a night of the usual TCA fun to accompany the competitive element.

Entry is £5 per person on the night - doors are open from 6.15pm for a 7pm start.

There will be loud music, cheap pizza and beer...


Upcoming Winter Comps

Put the dates in your diary - the winter comps are coming.


Reel Rock 9 - Valley Uprising

We're co-hosting Reel Rock again in Bristol, now in it's 9th incarnation. Valley uprising looks like blowing the previous 8 versions out of the water though and we can't wait. Tickets are on sale at TCA (cash only) and from Stanfords book shop on Corn Street.