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Biblins Cave

James Squire has produced a topo for Biblins Cave - the limestone venue in The Forest of Dean. James has commendably worked very hard with Natural England to secure access from May to September so please follow a few simple rules or access will be revoked.
click the image for a larger version.
1.Bouldering only! No gear, no routes, no bolts, no top roping.
2. No removal of any vegetation no matter how minimal, with no exceptions what so ever. This is a nature conservation site and an SSSI (site of special scientific interest) so although a plant or tree may look ordinary, some of them are the only know locations in the country.
3.Only allowed to climb from May - September each year because of possible hibernating bats. There are no bats currently present in the cave but if you see any please report to crag moderator immediately.
4. Stick to the paths (see access details), no cutting corners or walking off on tangents. Try and avoid stepping on plants or ferns, or snapping twigs off trees.
5. Stick to the cave area and walls either side, as this is the only area unbanned, do not climb in Arthurs Cave which is a tourist attraction about 500m from this cave.
6.General bouldering rules e.g. don't drop litter etc.
Access notes
Only from May - September.
Park as for Doward Campsite car park. Walk downhill past a low barrier and then straight into the woods. Go down past the quarry on the right, keep going down in till the main path goes off right, and you will see a slightly rocky path in front of you, follow this down until you reach some limestone "steps", scramble down and you will be there.
The problems:
1. Freshly Squeezed 7B+
2. School of Burl 7B
3. New School Old School 6C+
4. Pop for the Top 7A+
5. Pop for the Bulge 7A+
6. The Bulge 7A
7. The Bulge RH 7A+
8. Peckitt's Traverse 7C
9. Tears of the Angels 7C+/8A
10. Godzilla 8A from standing. Sitter Project 8B.
Green P = 8A/+ Project 
11. Bat Bites Back 7C+. Now has broken hold so harder and unclimbed since.
12. The Giants Spine 6A+. 
Red P = Jet Stream Project 8?

Routesetter's Surgery - Orange no 22 - June 2014

Orange 22 - crimpy then awkward F5+ gets our technique makeover.


Womens Climbing Symposium 27th Sept 2014

At TCA we are proud to be involved with this year's Womens Cimbing Symposium, hosting the event in our magnificant Glasgow centre.

The line up is amazing, with ex TCA Bristol staffer and world superstar Hazel 'Hammy' Findlay heading the guest list, and a list of talented coaches as long as your arm, including Leah Crane, Emma Twyford, Katherine Schirmacher, Naomi Buys, Nat Berry, Ellie Howard, Suzan Dudnik and Lucinda Hughes. And not forgetting double gold Bouldering World Cup winner Shauna Coxsey of course!

This will be an inspirational event for all female climbers and early booking is recommended to avoid disapointment.

See www.womensclimbingsymposium.com for more info or visit and like the facebook page.


Fix Your Own Arms

See what other climbers have to say about the world's best self therapy tool.


Full Moon

A few days ago we took delivery of 1000+ items of Moon clothing.  We'll be getting it out in batches and today was the turn of Vests (£8), T Shirts (£10), Long Sleeved Tops (£12) & Hoodies (£15).

In the days to come we'll get out trousers, shorts, 3/4s, some fleeces and some jackets.  We'll post the info on our Facebook page, so if you haven't already, make sure you like it.